Our Mission

The mission of Broward Christian Academy (formerly known as Foundations Christian Academy) is to create an environment where students will grow in their personal knowledge of God, learn to follow the teachings of Jesus and develop the cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills needed for success in school and for life in general.

Broward Christian Academy - Mission
2703, 2018

Building A Bridge

We recognize the feeling all too well; you pick up your sweet child from school. Collect the papers in their folder and go straight to the daily report. Ahhhh, what’d you learn today? At this point you know asking your child, what happened today, is pointless because they’ll probably tell you the same thing as always or at least very few details.  Either way, you’re not going to get much more information. On the report, you see that they are learning about the letter L, that they sang 3 little [...]

Browards Christian Academy

Why The Name Change?

For 12 years, our academy has been devoted to providing great beginnings for young children in a safe and nurturing environment. Much of our success in sustaining quality care and education is attributed to our partnership with the Broward Church, a non-denominational Bible-based fellowship. As disciples of Jesus, we care about our community and want to bring good to those we meet. Supporting a Christian early childhood learning center speaks to the heart of our purpose as a church – to reach our community by building community. Although we are a small school, we are humbled that, in the last 12 years, hundreds of families have entrusted their child to our care. And then they enroll a second child. And then they tell their friends to visit us. It’s how we build community.

The academy has grown to be a true ministry of the Broward Church. We are linked together, not just by a hallway or a parking lot, but by a shared vision and purpose. And so, we are the Broward Christian Academy. We have the same address, the same dedicated director and staff and the same high standards. But check out Luke the Lion!! He’s had a makeover; you can spot him smiling in our new school logo.