Pre-School Program

One Year Old Class

Our littlest learners start at one year old. We offer a small class size of no more than 7 students with two teachers. In supporting this stage of development, we feel that a small transition to school is an easier one. During the year we focus on building their language, motor, social, and emotional skills as we prepare them for the larger twos class. The One-Year-Old experience:

  • Lots of love and individual attention
  • Establishment of routines and milestone-based development
  • Promotion of language and early literacy
  • Music, movement, and parallel play
girl working on art project
kids looking at cup of worms at bca after care program

Two Year Old Class

Our Twos class is a very active bunch. With growing motor skills and language development, these little ones are ready to put their skills to the test. The Twos class consists of two teachers with no more than 15 students.  During the year we focus on routines while still emphasizing hands-on learning and play. We continue to encourage their growth in all areas of language, social, emotional, fine, and gross motor skills. In this class, we also start potty training with the support of parents in the home. The Two-Year-Old experience:

  • Learn to play and function as a group.
  • Are full of curiosity and love trial and error.
  • Build future reading and language skills through story time and reading.
  • Love to dance, roll, jump, climb and crawl.

Three Year Old Class

In our Threes classroom, students are quickly growing in both knowledge and independence. We love to let their imagination grow by providing centers, free play and lesson plans that allow them to explore all their senses.Pre-writing skills and self-awareness are key developmental areas for these exploratory thinkers. Two teachers are diligently preparing the class, of 18, for VPK, a free pre-kindergarten class, that is carefully designed to get all students prepared for school readiness. The Three-Year-Old experience:

  • Learning letters, numbers, and counting.
  • Recognize and identify the letters of their own name,  in books, posters, and other print.
  • Recognize feelings and the development of empathy towards their peers.
  • The ability to make positive choices, work with others, follow routines and gain confidence through successes or failures.
Young Four Year Old Class

Young Four Year Old Class

Our Young 4’s class consists of students who turned 4 after the VPK cut off date, on or before September 1. The Young 4’s tend to be a smaller class and is led by one teacher. There is a lot of emphasis on group-oriented projects and activities. Children of this classroom are encouraged to be more independent and self-reliant.  As we hone in on their social and emotional growth we welcome their desire to exercise decision making when appropriate. The Four Year Old experience:

  • Begin to speak in more complex sentences and expound on their vocabulary daily.
  • Building blocks to learning, introduction of new words and their meaning.
  • Use logical reasoning to solve everyday problems.
  • Can recognize real life from fantasy.
  • Demonstration of shared experiences between school and home.