This isn’t a fashion, how-to post. This isn’t an outfit of the day post, although it would be funny to post my before work outfit and my wrangling preschoolers, wiping runny noses, kneeling on the floor, post-work outfit. This is more of an “ode to the good ol days” of wearing crisp white. As I’ve worked in the preschool realm I’ve realized that some things are not practical, no matter how cute they are.

When I started as ministry director I was excited about updating my wardrobe to a more professional one. I spent some time on Pinterest looking at what high powered, working women are wearing. I quickly noticed two things; first, I don’t have Pinterest clothes budget, second, I can’t dress like that with a 10-month-old at home and a job where I interact with children. Bring on reminiscent memories of white jeans and chambray shirts. Goodbye white, flowy, summer dresses. Sayonara cute white tunic with lace sleeves.

It all started when I took the brave task of wearing a white shirt to work. Before I was out the door my daughter left remnants of breakfast on the back of my shirt, though small, still noticeable. As I walked into work I went straight towards the coffee. I need to fuel up! Walking around with my warm cup of joe an excited two-year-old bumped into me spilling little drops of liquid gold on my shirt. Later in the day while helping a distressed 4-year old I was sneezed on. That's when it hit me. White can no longer be a normal part of my everyday wear. I need something more resilient, sturdy, and colorful. As teachers, directors, and administrators, we are constantly wiping tears, fixing boo-boos, wiping messes, making messes, running outside, and SO MUCH MORE.

I’m sure parents can relate to the constant unpredictability that comes with raising and loving little ones. There are some things in our wardrobe reserved for no kid days. Maybe you’ve decided to split your closet into two sections- kid friendly and don't even think about it. Whatever the case, life changes when you have little ones, and what to wear is probably the least of your worries. But as a new mom in a semi-new job position, I learned pretty quickly that you just don’t wear white to work.

I’d love to hear your funny wardrobe moment with your little ones.