COVID-19 Procedures & Protocols

The health and safety of our students and families is always our top concern. We continue to monitor the novel Coronavirus and are adjusting accordingly. We have officially opened our doors to serve our families on June 6th. BCA is grateful for your support, communication, and concern during this time. Providing a safe and fun learning environment has and continues to be a top priority for us at BCA. That is why we have set additional precautionary measures to make sure we can continue to serve our children while doing our part in preventing the spread of the virus. 

Our Health and Safety Practices- Arrival

  • All students will be checked in and out of our school outside by a staff member. Please pull up to the designated drop off area.
  • Upon arrival, a staff member will take the temperature of both the parent and child. A series of assessment questions will be asked each day.
  • The student will then be given a disinfectant wipe and all items will be placed in a bin provided by the school.
  • A staff member will then take the student to their classroom. No parent or guardian will be permitted inside the building.
  • Once student enters their classroom their teacher will grab their items from the bin and as student to wash their hands.

Our Health and Safety Practices- Departure

  • Parent will call the school upon their arrival and park in designated pick up areas.
  • Student will be asked to was their hands and then escorted to the front of the school.
  • A staff member will grab child from the classroom, collect their items, and place them in a bin.

Our Health and Safety Practices-Important Information

  • All students 3 and up are required to wear a mask. Students will be allowed to take masks off during snack, lunch, and outside time.
  • All staff members are required to wear a mask while in the building.
  • Per the CDC guidelines, a temperature of over 100.4 is considered a fever, and anyone with a fever of 100.4 or above will not be allowed in.
  • Per CDC guidelines and recommendations we are limiting each classroom to 10 people or less. That means any classroom can have up to 8 students with 2 teachers or 9 students with 1 teacher.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols:

  • BCA is well stocked on soap and hand sanitizer
  • All staff has implemented deep cleaning, and we are cleaning surfaces throughout the day.
  • Deep cleaning of school facilities by professional janitorial company five days per week.
  • Daily disinfect of classroom furniture and material, playground equipment, transportation vehicles, building entry access systems, and high traffic areas within school facilities using an EPA registered antimicrobial product with a 1-minute kill rate against coronavirus.
  • Constantly enforce and reinforce the need for healthy practices like hand-washing, covering your cough/sneeze, using good social distance, staying home or going home when sick, and other critical lessons.


We’re following a reliable list of information for educational, planning and management purposes. Here are some websites you can refer to for additional information.

The US Center for Disease Control’s up-to-date resources on coronavirus.

CDC Resources for Community and Faith-Based Organizations
The CDC has also created resources specifically for faith-based organizations to respond to influenza pandemic, which are applicable in this situation. As a church, we’re implementing this guidance.

Managing Anxiety Around Coronavirus Coverage
The American Psychological Association created this resource to help manage anxiety around coverage of COVID-19.

Addressing Mental Health Issues
This resource from the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network provides guidelines for addressing mental health issues that may arise, and offers advice for messaging, including among children, older adults, people with disabilities, and those in quarantine.