We recognize the feeling all too well; you pick up your sweet child from school. Collect the papers in their folder and go straight to the daily report. Ahhhh, what’d you learn today? At this point you know asking your child, what happened today, is pointless because they’ll probably tell you the same thing as always or at least very few details.  Either way, you’re not going to get much more information. On the report, you see that they are learning about the letter L, that they sang 3 little speckled frogs and that they read, “We’re going on a bear hunt”. You might say to yourself; well that’s nice or you may be inclined to quiz them. Precious child of mine,” what starts with the letter L?” You may also be asking yourself what exactly is in that bear hunt book. Hmmmmm, I think I vaguely remember the story, as your mind drifts off to… what’s for dinner?

That is where this blog comes in. One of the contributing factors in a healthy developing child is a two way communication between parent and teacher. Learning and being involved in your child’s experiences and interest in school are important in building their security and love for school.  There are so many things that happen in school- circle time, teacher child interaction, peer interaction, routines, chapel, and discipline are major influences on your child. We want to bridge the school to home environment for your child. We want to give you, their primary caregiver, simple tools that you can use at home to extend learning beyond the school. This blog, Building a Bridge will serve that purpose.

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